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"Quellyane Border Collies & Wendevick Border Collies have formed a partnership!"

The Quellyane Border Collie Team welcomes you to their website.

Quellyane was founded in 1996 by Katia Thienpondt shortly after her first experiences with Border Collies.

Together with our Border Collies we are living in Geel, in the Belgian region known as the Campine. We spend plenty of time taking walks with our dogs and participate in several dog shows a year. Our intention is to breed Border Collies as described in the Border Collie Standard and we try to live up to our motto 'Brains and Beauty'. All parents are tested for all known hereditary ailments/diseases, they are approved for breeding and are selected on character and will to please.

Our Puppies are born in our house and grow up with our youth and adult dogs, our kids & all the everyday things in life. We breed according to the rules of the Belgian Border Collie Club, the KMSH and the FCI.

We are proud to be able to count on a wonderfull veterinarian, Steven Mullie, whom we can depend on 24/7 ! And also Sarah Van Herck, senior year student veterinarian.  

We hope that you may find all information about us and our Border Collies on our website, if in any case you are left with any questions, please feel free to contact us.


05/03/17 : Added Kel-I-Jan Liduën's page, added info on Quellyane Kevlar's page, added Quellyane Jippiyayeh's page, Added Quellyane Lollipop's general info, added a page for Quellyane Nebukadnezar, added Kquellyane's page, added some pictures to the gallery.

01/03/17 : Litter born : Wendevick Jason x Quellyane No Surrender !

21/02/17 : updated website : added Quellyane No Surrender 'Fanta' page among our girls. Picture of Fanta added in expected litters. Added Lea's pedigree. Added Meeko's pedigree.

19/02/17 : updated 1 picture in 'our team' and updated 'Quellyane Lollipop'

11/02/17 : Litter born : Wendevick Jason x Borderiinan Illyana !

11/02/17 : Quellyane is looking for foster families for our future offspring.

Show results

25/02/2017 : Results Weelde

Quellyane Perfect For TenThree : Very good

Perfect Decision Aethelstan : Excellent, 3rd place

Aces Legacy Norah Jones : Excellent, 1st place, Best Bitch, Best of Breed

20/11/2016 : Results Kortijk

Aces Legacy Norah Jones : 2nd place

One Way Tiket : Best in Youth

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